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Immediate, on-demand access to reporting which includes Investor, Investment, Financial and Operational Reports
Meet the founders

The Greater Sum of a Connected World

Nothing is more important to operational success than data, we here at Entrilia believe that you should OWN your data.  Be the master of your own future, and start taking advantage of no and low code app development and other tools!

How we scale with you

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Basic data science needs

Leverage our standard reporting framework and get the job DONE.  Work with us to automate custom reports you need, and evolve with us as we grow our library of insights.

Growing data science

With ultimate freedom to access your data, you can create your own databases - build apps, dashboards, sync data from other sources...

Robust data science

Integrate machine learning (ML) algorithms to extend your solution utilizing: computer vision, recommendation systems, anomaly detection...


Transparency increases credibility, empowering action

ZERO Delays

Don’t wait to see the impact of changes.  With immediate, on-demand reporting you can complete tasks 10x faster!


Drillable values that enable you to quickly identify the exact ledger entries that are delivering a specific result.

Flexible Options

Work with Excel, Word, SQL, with No and Low Code options.  Get your data in Power BI or other visualization software to do more!


Leveraging the latest data architecture that on average sees processing times up to 100x better performance on analytics querries than legacy solutions.

Thoughtful design

Purpose built with the private capital firm in mind. A data model that supports the extensibility and customization that’s expected.

Intelligent Automation

Training AI and ML models to automate even more tasks, augmenting your team to make your processes smarter, more accurate and consistent.


A cloud-native solution

Enjoy the FREEDOM of allowing your team to select the web apps they want to use - then leverage
Own & manage your data: 100% secure
Fast and secure operations
Lower your CAPEX and maintainance
Access your data anytime from anywhere

What do we value

Putting analytics and data quality at the forefront of your organization


You should never have to ask permission to get to your data.

Data is the most important thing to any business.  You should never feel as though you don’t fully own your data.  That has been and will continue to be a cornerstone of Entrilia.

Ensuring the highest forms of data integrity to establish trust.

Data integrity is mandatory as it guarantees and secures the search-ability and traceability from report to original source.

Know your result immediately and be in command of your reporting.

Users should opperate with extreme levels of confidence - understanding exactly what they’re doing and how to get the desired outputs.

How to Start

Contact us to SEE how we’re automating fund operations

Access our solution for IMMEDIATE results and ROI

SCALE your use of our suite with self-service tools

Partner with us to EVOLVE technology to meet new demands


Partner with us today to realize the potential that next-gen technology can provide your firm's operations!

We listen, be heard

We are actively building features and automation that benefit our clients. Becoming a client today will give you an unprecedented voice in the shape of the next-gen operations platform. A truly unique opportunity!

Benefit from our energy, knowledge and network

We’re committed to building a community of users who know the problems of the industry and want to find solutions together.

Take advantage of our service team

Our team of experienced professionals can create a customized implementation plan that empowers your use of our robust platform. This includes importing your data to automating your existing report layouts!
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