Investor portal

Combine configurable dashboards with secure document sharing in an all-in-one investor portal software solution

What is it Really

Details matter and it’s what separates us from the competition


With fully esatic scale, our investor portal can automatically adjust its capacity to meet changing demands.


Fully branded with configurable pages and content that empowers you to provide your investors a modern, interactive experience.

Data Integrity

Controlled access with tailored validations ensuring your data is consistent and accurate – building trust for actionable insights.


World class cybersecurity model with built-in behavioral analytics and machine learning to identify attacks and zero-day exploits.

Role Based Access

Easily maintain Investor Contact’s access to specific types of documents and data, to ensure maximum reach without oversharing.

Fully Integrated

Completely integrated with Fund Accounting and Investor Insights with an end-to-end seamless experience for portal updates.
We always look for external resources that match our core values.  Entrilia, with the leadership of Eric and Yuriy, is the true partner that we have been looking for. In our search, we came across many systems that were built 10-15 years ago and continuously patched trying to keep up with ever-changing requirements. Entrilia is fresh, flexible, and intuitive.

Entrilia is exactly what we were looking for.
Matt Hurley Headshot
Matt Hurley 
Director of Investor Services
Reliant Fund Services

Design and Customize your Investor Portal

As an extension of your brand, your investor portal should match the quality of your expertise. However even more importantly it should allow you to display the metrics and data that help shape the story you want to share with your investors.

All Documents and Data in One Place

Investors are stretched thin managing numerous channels of information and data. The role of your investor portal should be to provide a single collaborative space for the relationship.

One workspace for all investors and funds

Allow investors to collaborate with their contacts inside a role-based portal that features a highly tuned workspace for controlling the right amount of access for all parties.

Runs in cloud on any device

Built from the start to support multi-device access with responsive design. We empower fund managers to provide break through experiences for their investors on their terms.

Best Solutions for Every Stage

What benefits will be received by:

Private Equity

Tailored solution around a robust accounting framework – minimize data entry for complex reporting on multi-level events.

Venture Capital

Tailored solution around a robust accounting framework – minimize data entry for complex reporting on multi-level events.
New Fund Managers
At Scale Fund Managers
Fund Administrators

What questions should you be asking when looking at Investor Portals?

Is it mobile friendly, TODAY?
Can I share more than just documents? Dynamic data?
Contact/investor info?
How are your users’ credentials kept secure?
What kind of stress testing have you done?
Do you have powerful contextual search?

Our products are one interconnected ecosystem

Entrilia is a robust, high-tech, interconnected ecosystem. Which allows us to display and update data in all products simultaneously and in real time!


Partner with us today to realize the potential that next-gen technology can provide your firm's operations!

We listen, be heard

We are actively building features and automation that benefit our clients. Becoming a client today will give you an unprecedented voice in the shape of the next-gen operations platform. A truly unique opportunity!

Benefit from our energy, knowledge and network

We’re committed to building a community of users who know the problems of the industry and want to find solutions together.

Take advantage of our service team

Our team of experienced professionals can create a customized implementation plan that empowers your use of our robust platform. This includes importing your data to automating your existing report layouts!
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