Fund Accounting

Powerful dual-sided accounting, with intuitive event-driven automations tailored for private capital and other alternative asset funds.
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What is it Really

Details matter and it’s what separates us from the competition

REAL Accounting

Includes features you would find in the best-in-class ERP Accounting platforms, but with a modernized user experience!  Dual-sided entries, multi-ledger, multi-currency, ageing...

Higest Data Integrity

Accuracy, consistency & transparency inspires confidence and shortens reporting deliverables.  Features like reversing entries, ledger locks, entry approval workflows...

Cloud Native Solution

Built on the cloud, for the cloud - it’s your data inside your environment – don’t feel like you’re renting your data! Can even sync authentication for Single Sign On (SSO)...

Complex Structures

Setup and visualize any complexity of entity structure. Automations of intercompany, consolidation, funds flow, equity pickup, performance calculations and more...

Pro Dev Extensibility

Using our RESTful APIs, you can replicate your existing processes and calculations - escape OLD technology without leaving behind your built-up investment.

SMART Transactions

Event-driven accounting, tailored for private capital and alternative asset firms in order to exponentially automate frequent events decreasing data entry from the user.
We always look for external resources that match our core values.  Entrilia, with the leadership of Eric and Yuriy, is the true partner that we have been looking for. In our search, we came across many systems that were built 10-15 years ago and continuously patched trying to keep up with ever-changing requirements. Entrilia is fresh, flexible, and intuitive.

Entrilia is exactly what we were looking for.
Matt Hurley Headshot
Matt Hurley 
Director of Investor Services
Reliant Fund Services

Our processes are automated, allowing you to track data in real time

Engineered to act as the backbone of your back-office operations platform, allowing endless opportunities to extend the application iteslf to meet your unique needs, while also allowing custom integrations to other best in class business applications.
Automated with Entrilia

How can we help YOU?

See how we’re tailoring experiences to increase efficiency

Private Equity

Tailored solution around a robust accounting framework – minimize data entry for complex reporting on multi-level events.

Venture Capital

Tailored solution around a robust accounting framework – minimize data entry for complex reporting on multi-level events.
Private Equity
Venture Capital
Private Debt
Fund Administrators


A cloud-native solution

Enjoy the FREEDOM of allowing your team to select the web apps they want to use - while securing your data behind a leader in cloud security.
Own & manage your data: 100% secure
Fast and secure operations
Lower your CAPEX and maintainance
Access your data anytime from anywhere

What do we value

Our focus on positive user expereience is how we maximize efficiency


Your fund accounting might be complex. Your accounting software shouldn’t be.

Using Entrilis’s proprietary configurable input forms empowered with the latest in APIs, AI, and ML to drastically reduce time our users are spending to organize the events and transactions comprised in the most complex structures.

We’re democratizing automation for your operations team. We’ve thought of everything!

Entrilia is purpose-built to process our streamlined input forms into highly detailed, multi-ledger structured data that aligns with common industry data models for simple-to-understand reviews.

Powerful but easy to understand processes that completely automate your reports!

Leveraging configurable templates to convert Entrilia’s structured data into fully automated production reporting packets and end-user consumption. All are based on single source-of-truth data.

How to Start

Contact us to SEE how we’re automating fund operations

Access our solution for IMMEDIATE results and ROI

SCALE your use of our suite with self-service tools

Partner with us to EVOLVE technology to meet new demands


Partner with us today to realize the potential that next-gen technology can provide your firm's operations!

We listen, be heard

We are actively building features and automation that benefit our clients. Becoming a client today will give you an unprecedented voice in the shape of the next-gen operations platform. A truly unique opportunity!

Benefit from our energy, knowledge and network

We’re committed to building a community of users who know the problems of the industry and want to find solutions together.

Take advantage of our service team

Our team of experienced professionals can create a customized implementation plan that empowers your use of our robust platform. This includes importing your data to automating your existing report layouts!
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