Enabling a 360 degree view of your data throughout your firm, while eliminating manual, high-risk data transfer methods.

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Advance your Entrilia platform by building seamless integrations with your existing business apps.

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Private Equity

Tailored solution around a robust accounting framework – minimize data entry for complex reporting on multi-level events.

Venture Capital

Tailored solution around a robust accounting framework – minimize data entry for complex reporting on multi-level events.
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Own a legacy system that hasn’t delivered
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Integrations are a cornerstone of how we approach application design

Explore Our Developer Portal

Access the Entrilia Developer Portal to discover our APIs, learn how to use them, practice modeling requests, track and understand your usage of Entrilia APIs.

REST APIs for any use case

Connect Entrilia to your existing systems, creating powerful workflows.

Get notified with Webhooks

Subscribe for Entrilia platform events so your integration can automatically trigger the reactions.

Secure & Reliable

Provides best-in-class security controls and policy enforcement, enabling consistent, modern, and secure gateway for all our APIs.


The continuity of your teams and systems have never been more important than today.  You have the freedom to build integrations yourself or use us as a service to help ensure you’re prepared for the future.


Build your own custom calculations to automate even more tasks, augmenting your team to make your processes smarter, more accurate and consistent.


Empowering you to connect with the complimentary tools you already love


Prefer to do it yourself? We have tools for you, make the most of our APIs.

Get detailed API documentation that explains how quickly you can integrate your existing business apps with Entrilia.

Don’t have access to tech talent? We can help you build an end-to-end digital experience around our applications.

Our team loves technology and are passionate about you reaching your Greater Sum!

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We are actively building features and automation that benefit our clients. Becoming a client today will give you an unprecedented voice in the shape of the next-gen operations platform. A truly unique opportunity!

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We’re committed to building a community of users who know the problems of the industry and want to find solutions together.

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Our team of experienced professionals can create a customized implementation plan that empowers your use of our robust platform. This includes importing your data to automating your existing report layouts!
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