Investor Insights

Manage the Investor content delivery process from start to finish, with on-demand report generation through distribution

The Greater Sum of a Connected World

Directly connected with our Fund Accounting application for an ideal single source of truth and immediate report availability.  However extend your firm’s efficiency by integrating to other outside CRM applications using our RESTful APIs and webhooks.

How can we help YOU?

See how we can enhance your processes when you have...

A ‘Full’ CRM like - SalesForce, Hubspot, Zoho, etc.

Let’s connect to it! You can use entrilia for individual investor report generation and allow your IR team to use the interface they’re most comfortable with - all while not losing any efficiency.

A ‘Light’ CRM like - Mailchimp

Depending on how you’re using it we might be able to replace this completely.  We’re not looking to replace marketing features - but campaigns, contact relationships, and more...

Outlook and Excel

While this can be a comfortable and flexible tool, it carries MASSIVE key-man risk. Transition to Entrilia’s centralized database for contacts and investor relationships - along with report generation.

An Investor Portal

Great! Keep using it if you like it and let’s explore if we can sync not only investor and contact data for wires and report generation but also dynamic quantitative data for dashbaord reporting!  


The best solution for a common problem is usually a logical one

Intuitive Design

Many systems are either too detailed or not detailed enough in how they connect contacts, investor and funds  - we have a flexible structure that strikes the perfect balance.

Messaging Service

Send investor messages with the option to generate and attach reports like capital calls, financial statements, ILPA fee template and more.

Integration Friendly

Data synchronization is a priority but not only is our architecture integration friendly - our data model supports the typical 3rd party formats.

Directly Connected to Accounting

Having the module inside accounting, with the allowance of custom fields, we can leverage more data in allocation rules and reporting - all in one place, with immediate results!

Simple or Sophisticated

Scale down for very simple use cases, or scale up to act as the full admin control for investor portals.

AIV Ready!

No lengthy setups after creating a new AIV/SPV structure, subsequent closes, investor transfers or other tasks that might otherwise create manual data entry.


A cloud-native solution

Enjoy the FREEDOM of allowing your team to select the web apps they want to use - then leverage
Own & manage your data: 100% secure
Fast and secure operations
Lower your CAPEX and maintainance
Access your data anytime from anywhere

What do we value

Intuitive processes lead to quicker solutions and happier users


Investor Relations teams should be able to work in the software they like

In the past when it came to technology selection efficiency has equated to sacrifice - but no longer.  Whether it’s a custom made investor portal, or a full CRM - let’s integrate to find The Greater Sum!

Our future is in modern, world class Portals.

We’re not stopping here - we’re determined to solve the issues also facing firms wanting modern customer portals - that work as well for the individual as they do the institutional investor.

Keeping it simple.  The worst thing you can do is over complicate a tool that should be easy to use.

Our blend of necessary detail and intuitive user experience will keep users engaged and ultimately more efficient.

How to Start

Contact us to SEE how we’re automating fund operations

Access our solution for IMMEDIATE results and ROI

SCALE your use of our suite with self-service tools

Partner with us to EVOLVE technology to meet new demands


Partner with us today to realize the potential that next-gen technology can provide your firm's operations!

We listen, be heard

We are actively building features and automation that benefit our clients. Becoming a client today will give you an unprecedented voice in the shape of the next-gen operations platform. A truly unique opportunity!

Benefit from our energy, knowledge and network

We’re committed to building a community of users who know the problems of the industry and want to find solutions together.

Take advantage of our service team

Our team of experienced professionals can create a customized implementation plan that empowers your use of our robust platform. This includes importing your data to automating your existing report layouts!
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