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What we are Building

An ecosystem of products and solutions for private capital managers and service providers

Our products are one interconnected ecosystem

Entrilia is a robust, high-tech, interconnected ecosystem. Which allows us to display and update data in all products simultaneously and in real time!
Entrilia's interaction with different aspects of business

value we are delivering

We believe in maximizing value and efficiency to find the greater sum

Standard and Transparent IRRs

Standard Net/Gross IRR calculations with flexibility to customize... as well as other performance metrics.

Flexible Currencies

Accounting in local and base currency with auto-revaluations of Cash, Investments, Invoices and more...

Debt Interest Calculations

Track your loan facilities and draws plus standard debt interest calculations and payment module.

Flexible Investor Allocations

Intuitive setups to automate complex allocation needs, including carry by deal, deal opt-outs, non-pro rata, and more

Multi-Tier Entity Structures

Cash Flows, Equity Pickups, Consolidation, debt and equity investing with visualizations!

Detailed Investor Balances

Investor Transfers, Subsequent Close Re-balances, Management Fee Calculations with Offsets - all details fully customizable.

Performance Calculations

Standard Net/Gross IRR calculations with flexibility to customize...

Multi-Currency Ledgers

Investments, Bank Accounts and AP/AR - all tracked in their local currency with auto-revaluations to base on demand.

Debt Interest and Conversions

System calculated interest accruals that automatically capitalize on conversions to equity including special SAFE investment type features.

On-The-Fly Processing

Quickly generate accounting entries for high-volume, repeatable events with minimal clicks or setups.

Parallel Fund Structures

Transactions built to easily create accounting entries across parallel entities. Including automated inter-company entries!

Customizable Allocation Logic

Easily handle unique deal ownership, rounding, look-through, multi-entity aggregation, dynamic balances and much more!

Performance Reporting

Standard Net/Gross IRR with flexibility to customize the activity included in the calculations, and report at various levels.

Multi-Currency Accounting

Accounting in local and base currency with auto-revaluations for Entities, Investments, Invoices, Bank Accounts, etc.

Robust Debt Processing

Track your loan facilities, automate accounting for debt interest accruals, interest payments, amortization and more!

Powerful Investor Allocations

Customize the basis used for allocation purposes, including dynamic balances.  Flexible user configuration options.

Loan Servicing

Partner with us to design a loan servicing module and other features that meet your needs!

Deal Opt Outs

Quickly define deal opt-outs to automatically allocate deal level P&L by investor.

API Developer Portal

Powerful No Code and Pro Dev opportunities to build integrations that will streamline your business!


Ability for any client type to easily extend their application in unique and bespoke ways with custom calculations and more!

Approval Processing

Require approvals on nearly any action taken in the application - this includes the ability to gain approvals from your client!

Client Segregation

Striking the perfect balance between data independence and efficiency of client management.

Logical Pricing

Pricing that aligns with how administrators do business.

Immediate Reporting

Immediate, on-demand reporting, allowing you to meet your tight deadlines.

We're building great products with a ton of features that are also intuitive and easy to use!

Lets build
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Jane Babenko

Jane Babenko

Product Team


Augment your current tech stack with software of the future

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Advanced integrations optimizing human capital, empowering superior insights to achieve superior results.


World class cybersecurity model with built-in behavioral analytics and machine learning to identify attacks and zero-day exploits.

Data integrity

Controlled access with tailored validations ensuring your data is consistent and accurate – building trust for actionable insights.


Cloud-Native applications enhancing workflows using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and No and Low Code extensibility.

About Entrilia

We're not new to the problems that need to be solved - our ideas are.

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Who we are
Industry veterans who’ve worked with 100’s of firms spanning a diverse set of alternative asset strategies; building, implementing and using software solutions to solve problems.
Where we’ve been
Enough experience in software and alternative assets to have seen both successful and failed solutions. We're coupling our past with new ideas to change the future.


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