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Fund Admins and GPs working together to find their Greater Sum

Eric Faw • 1 min read
Mean rowing in open water

work smarter not harder

A key application of this is with the relationship between Fund Admins and their clients. As a GP you need your Fund Admin to provide tools that help digitize data transfer. Software companies all want to talk about getting rid of excel, but how many are talking about getting rid of email? Email remains the primary tool to transfer data between parties. But email can be more damaging to your overall efficiency than excel is. You might know if your email was read - but there's no real guarantee anything was done with that email. Data should be input digitally, transferred digitally, and automatically wrapped into a transparent task management tool that all parties see. We are working towards the goal of a digital ecosystem that connects all parties.

We can help you if you're
  • A GP outsourcing with an Administrator
  • A Fund Administrator looking for more digital tools
  • An advisor needing more transparency and automation around incoming data
  • An LP trying to streamline data from their managers
  • and much more...

Contact us to see what we are doing to help enhance this relationship.

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